A web designer is essentially responsible for developing

A web designer is essentially responsible for developing the layout and design of a web page or website. It can sometimes mean designing a new site from scratch or updating an existing site to include more current information and features. Their role isn’t as varied as, but of course not as different from, web developers. They need to be able to put together a complete presentation in terms of appearance, navigation, technology and functionality.

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It’s not enough that a web designer just puts together the front-end development. Their job is multifaceted as they need also to be able to optimize the presentation for search engines and users of social media. Optimization means making the page easier to find and use by both the search engine and the user, and this is done through coding, HTML and other various technologies. The more the search engine and the user can easily find the information on a page, the more likely they are to drive significant traffic to it. Web designers code this functionality into the site in a way that makes it both easy to find and use – and at the same time search engine optimized.

Web designers also need to be capable of crafting the interface that the user will interact with. This includes things like how the web pages load (a critical function of search engine optimization), how user-friendly the application is and whether it is easy to navigate or whether there are inherent problems with it. In terms of web design and interface design, it goes beyond creating great looking designs, although that is certainly one element of it.