Alcohol Detox – The First Step Towards a Cure

Alcohol detoxification is a procedure adopted by individuals who are suffering from alcoholism or alcohol addiction. This procedure is usually coupled with the replacement of anti-anxiety medication as well as replacement of certain other drugs, which have similar effects to alcohol so as to avoid alcohol withdrawal. A major drawback of this procedure is that it may have severe consequences on the health of an individual especially on his liver and his gastrointestinal system. The use of detox rehab centers to aid alcoholics is a method adopted by alcoholics to get rid of their alcohol dependency. Detoxification can also be undertaken along with therapy and counseling.

New Beginnings Alcohol Detox Center

Generally, alcohol detoxification is accompanied by medical monitoring. This helps in assessing and ensuring that withdrawal symptoms are controlled and reduce. The treatment program that is adopted will depend on the severity of the case and the kind of medication, non-narcotic drugs and other therapies that are prescribed by the doctor. In general detoxification can be done only under the supervision of professionals like physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses.

Alcohol detoxification in most cases is not a life-threatening procedure but it can be life threatening in others especially in cases of severe alcohol dependency. The withdrawal symptoms that occur in case of severe alcohol detoxification can be life threatening leading to dehydration and even death. Most of the physicians would recommend the outpatient facility as the best option to prevent alcohol addiction. Under the care of professionals, the individual is assisted in deciding about the frequency and amount of alcohol consumption.

This step of getting alcohol detox treatment is the first step in the process of addiction cure. The individual has to make the decision to get rid of alcohol addiction in spite of all the consequences that may arise due to his action. Support from family and friends is very essential during this time because they can be the best help available.

Although there are different medications for treating alcoholism, two most common medications used for treating alcohol withdrawal symptoms are benzodiazepines and tranquilizers. These two drugs are used in most cases. Doctors prefer to use these two benzodiazepines for this purpose. However, the duration of effect of benzodiazepines varies with each individual and also varies according to the amount of alcohol detoxification undergone.

This is a very important stage of alcohol detoxification. You can detox at home or at a medical rehab center. It all depends on your willingness to overcome withdrawal symptoms and the extent of your alcohol dependency. Detoxing under medical supervision is more effective in reducing the severity of symptoms and the duration of the withdrawal symptoms. If you can withstand the withdrawal symptoms, then you can detox at home.