Cheap Mattress Secrets – Tips to Buying the Best Mattress at an Affordable Price

Finding a cheap mattress nowadays is much easier than it used to be. In fact, thanks to the growth of several online mattress brand names over the last decade, finding an affordable bed is as easy as clicking your mouse. Historically, mattress buyers purchased beds from only brick-and-mortars retailers, which in turn, charge hundreds of dollars for a twin size mattress. Nowadays, consumers can pick up a quality futon mattress from a number of websites on the Internet, ranging from sites with free shipping to sites that require a small membership fee.

Even though many consumers have grown accustomed to browsing for discount beds online, it can still be quite daunting to sift through the hundreds of different styles, prices, features and specifications. To narrow down shopping options, here are some things to keep in mind when browsing for discount fakes, imitation mattresses and hybrid mattresses: First, check for edge support, especially in the lower-priced ones. Cheap mattresses that offer little or no edge support will sag quickly, leaving you to suffer from sagging breasts and achy joints – not something that anyone would look forward to.

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Second, be sure to check out the different types of coils in a mattress – most of the cheaper beds offer a single layer of foam or a thin layer of memory foam with no springs. While it’s certainly true that these types of mattresses will give you the most affordable mattress experience, they won’t provide you with optimal comfort and support. Since sleep is so crucial to one’s overall health and well-being, spending a few extra dollars to invest in higher quality coils is a wise investment in your future. Most importantly, make sure the layers are made from high-quality materials such as pure cotton or polyester to give you years of comfortable sleep.