Choose The Right Curtains for Your Home

Every house that has a window will need the presence of curtains. More than just a decoration, curtains have a very important function in homes. Curtains are needed to cover the windows to keep the family’s privacy and also cover the house when the sun is shining hot. Curtains are available in various designs, materials, and colors. Sometimes we must be confused in choosing a brown curtain with the interior of our home. Besides the design and color, there are many things to consider before choosing curtains. Other things that need to be considered are the fabric material, the level of transparency, the hook model, and so on. Then, how to choose the right curtains and suitable for our home?

made to measure curtain service

1. Determine the curtain material and the level of transparency

There are several commonly used material transparencies, namely:
-Vitrase. This material is so thin that sunlight can still enter even though the curtains are closed. Usually only used as a coating.
-Semi blackout. This material has a moderate level of transparency, not thin like vitrage, and not thick like a blackout. These curtains are popular because sunlight can penetrate while still maintaining family privacy;
-Blackout. This type of material is the thickest. Sunlight will not be able to penetrate this fabric.

2. Determine the model

Choosing the curtain model is something that should not be underestimated because it affects the aesthetics of the room. The model used will affect the impression of the room that uses it.

3. Select the hook system

When choosing curtains, you must also pay attention to the hook system used. This hook will affect the visual appearance of the curtains. There are four types of hooks that are commonly used, namely:
– Track. This is the most widely used. There are two types of tracks, namely manual tracks and automatic tracks that use machines.
– Smoke ring. This curtain cloth with hooks has holes covered in iron rings. This type of hook makes the curtains look neat.
– Tab top. This hook system is a cloth that is glued or sewn to the curtain.
– Ring. This type of hook in the form of iron rings sewn onto the curtains.

4. Adjust the curtains to the room design

The color and motif of the curtain are very influential in the atmosphere and interior design of the room. Therefore, you must choose the colors and motifs of the curtains carefully. In addition to color and motif, curtain size must also be considered. It would be cooler if you could buy curtains that are the right size for your home window.

Following the steps above, made to measure curtains is the best choice. Made to measure allows you to choose the material, motif, to the size you want. Instead of buying ready-made curtains that don’t necessarily match the size and motives to your taste, made to measure can meet your desires. In addition, you can also place an order online. Made to measure online is now a very popular curtain company because it is practical and can meet the needs of its customers.