Despite the fact that the store shelves are lined with the latest

Despite the fact that the store shelves are lined with the latest and greatest vitamin supplement and the internet has thousands of websites claiming they have the best product around, most supplements available to you are a complete waste of your time and money.

By reading this you will never fall victim to the false claims again. You will be armed with the knowledge to make smart decisions when making purchases. Knowledge based on real science and solid facts.

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So stop flushing your hard earned money down the toilet and start reaping the health benefits of good supplements.

In today’s media market it is very easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of fancy marketing and media hype around the supplement products available.

But you need to ask yourself, do you want to pay for a pretty package and a cool website or do you want your money to go towards a product that will actually do what it claims and provide you with the best nutrition for your body?

Seems like a stupid question. I would think most people would want a product that works. If you are going to spend money on it why would you just want to flush it all down the toilet?

There is a big difference in many of the health and wellness supplements available. Some are worth the investment and others (no matter how inexpensive) are a complete waste of money. The reason is your body doesn’t absorb the supplement so it just travels right through you and into the waste you excrete every day

The vitamin and supplement companies that make the products don’t want you to know all this because as an intelligent person you won’t spend your money on something that doesn’t work no matter how fancy the package is or what claims are written in the advertisement.

Most nutrition companies don’t take the time and aren’t willing to spend the money necessary to create natural supplements that are bioavailable to your body. Our bodies were designed to get nutrition from real food not synthetic processed ‘food’.

You should be thinking “Why don’t I just eat more natural fruits and veggies and make some healthier choices while shopping?” This is a great idea and it can help. The problem is that the food you buy, even your fruits and vegetables, just don’t have the nutritional value you need.

Just look at some of these problems:

Most of the food we eat today does not have the necessary vitamins and minerals present. Even farms are now part of the corporate world and their goal is quantity and not quality.
Foods are grown as fast as possible using fertilizers and pesticides.
The soil the plants grow in has been depleted of the natural minerals by constant harvesting of crops.
Produce is picked long before it is ripe so it will be fresh and not rotten when it arrives at the grocery stores. Food picked to early has minimal nutritional value.
Canned and processed food has been heated in such a way as to kill most of the nutritional value. Even the fresh produce from the store can have the nutrition cooked out of it at home.
The organic label does not guarantee purity or mean tested safe.
I even read that it now takes up to 53 peaches just to get the RDA of Vitamin A where it only took around 2 peaches to get this same amount 50 years ago.

It’s pretty clear that supplements have become a necessity in today’s world. They make it possible to get all the vitamins and minerals we need without gorging ourselves with huge amounts of food.

But like I said earlier, not all supplements are created equal. Just like you want to choose the best food for you to eat, choosing all natural supplements that are able to be absorbed by your body is the only real answer.

It will do you no good to take supplements that simply are not absorbed by your body. These synthetic supplements simply take a fun ride through your digestive tract on their way down the drain.

To get the best product available for you, be sure to check out the company you purchase your supplements from. Here are a few things to look for to be sure what’s in the bottle is worth your time and money:

Does the company:

Follow Good Manufacturing Practice and maintain compliance with this standard?
Research the products and do clinical trials?
Test the supplements ingredients for purity?
Make sure the supplements are available for absorption by your body?
Not use excessive heat during the manufacturing process so as to not kill the nutritional value of the supplement?
Use only natural materials in the supplement and not synthetics?
Get the products tested by independent sources?
Produce supplements that are considered foods or are they a drug?
All of this information should be available to you. If you don’t like the answers you find or if the answers are hidden from you then it would be a good idea to move on to a different company and aviod these types of supplements altogether.

Two critical things you should know:

Less than 10% of a synthetic vitamin is absorbed compared to over 90% of a natural food vitamin.
A recent study shows that the likelihood of choosing a non-toxic and effective health supplement from the overwhelming array of products that are available is only 2.5%. In other words, there is a 97.5% chance that without investigating the reliability of the product yourself you could select a nutritional product that might be hazardous to your health!
Use this knowledge. It can enable you to make the best decisions when purchasing vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The good choices are small because most supplements available are either all synthetic or a combination of synthetic vitamins/minerals and a few whole foods. Over 40 years ago, the government said there is no difference between a synthetic and a natural vitamin so most companies chose to take the easier and cheaper path to creating the supplements they provide.

Bu now the choice is yours to make….

You can decide to purchase synthetic supplements that are very poorly absorbed, could be harmful to your health and use most of their so called power to contribute synthetic nutrients to your sewage.