Different Kinds Of Oxygen Analyzers

There are many kinds of oxygen analyzer available in the market. Some of them are used to determine the amount of oxygen in a gas, while some others can measure the amount of oxygen in different objects. There are also some gas analyzer that measures the amount of oxygen in the air and uses a sensitive electrospray method to detect the presence of oxygen in gaseous mixtures. Oxygen analyzers are commonly used for laboratory and health research purposes. There are also many kinds of these analyzers based on the technology they use.

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The first and most commonly used kind of oxygen analyzer are the paramagnetic oxygen analyzer. This kind of analyzer works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. To use this kind of analyzer, an electrical current is passed through a wire coil containing an array of electrodes. As the conductance passes through the coil, it generates an alternating magnetic field that interacts with the sample being tested. The location of the sample then determines the amount of oxygen gas produced by the reaction between the field and the sample. Because of this reaction, the sample gives off a continuous signal that can be decoded using the analysis software.

The second type of oxygen analyzer is the fuel cell oxygen analyzer. The sample that is to be analyzed is placed in a container filled with gas. A battery powered device powered by the vehicle’s battery powers the sample. When the sample produces a significant amount of ozone gas, a counter current is generated that interacts with the ozone and produces a measurable amount of electric resistance. The measurement of the resistance gives off a continuous signal that can be decoded by a specific analysis software.