Different Types Of Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating are the scientific technology of vehicular and indoor environmental comfort. Its aim is to provide acceptable indoor air quality and thermal comfort to the occupants. In most homes, air conditioning and ventilation are compulsory in summer months since it saves energy costs and minimizes health risks.

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Different air conditioning systems are available in the market, designed to suit different types of home environments. It can be divided into three major groups according to their type of function: window model, central air conditioning, and heat pump. All these three different types have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Window models mainly provide cooling by opening one or more glass panels. A blower circulates the cooled air through a fan and into the room. A window air conditioning system can be designed as an open window model, where the cooling is achieved by allowing the warm air to circulate and reach the entire room, or enclosed one, which has a system fixed inside the window, removing the need for external fans. These units do not cool as efficiently as an open window model, however they provide good levels of cooling. Moreover, these models do not have the disadvantage of allowing heat to escape.

Central air conditioning systems use controlled temperature and humidity controls to condition the inside environment of the house. They are commonly used in homes with high ceilings or in offices. The controls let you set a desired temperature, which is called the air conditioning control frequency. You also have a choice of allowing heat or cool air to be drawn into the room. A major advantage of this type of air conditioning system is that it has very high reliability and is able to maintain a constant temperature.

Heat pump air conditioning systems are generally used in small homes or in offices, where space is a limitation. A heat pump AC system regulates the temperature of the indoor air of your home. A heat pump unit draws heated or cooled air from outside, which is then sent to the rooms in your home. These units are therefore mostly used in houses, where space is a constraint.

Cooling towers are another type of air conditioning unit. They use a liquid like coolant to transfer heat from one location to another. A cooling tower, unlike heat pumps, does not use heat to transfer the air; rather it uses coolant to transfer heat. Some cooling towers use fans to move the coolant through the evaporator coils and into the air in the home, while others use a moist barrier to push heat away from the home and into an outdoor unit.