Global Medical Settlement Funding – Why Aren’t You Using This Money?

Are you looking to pursue a possible Zantac Settlement for cancer possibly suffered as a consequence of taking ranitidine or Zantac? A Zantac case attorney at Riddle & Brantley could help. We will review your case for no charge, advise you on your legal choices, and if appropriate, if you choose to hire us to represent you, a Zantac attorney will aggressively pursue your rights to recovery through a possible worldwide Zantac judgment or settlement… What’s more, Zantac Lawsuit attorneys understand that the insurance companies have to fight to prove that their drug was not responsible in this situation.

We’ve filed many claims for worldwide Zantac settlements and we have found that the lawsuits are often settled out of court. Insurance companies would much rather settle with our clients than fight in a lengthy court battle and they usually settle out of court because they would rather resolve the claims without going to trial. In addition to the fact that the monetary damages sometimes doesn’t even cover the expenses incurred during the time the lawsuit was filed, some companies will settle out of court simply because it’s a lot less troublesome and they save money.

Zantac Lawsuit

In our experience, we have seen that Zantac Lawsuit attorneys are generally very good at determining whether or not a Zantac case is valid and appropriate filing lawsuits on behalf of our clients. In addition to our attorneys’ expertise, our office works diligently to provide our clients with the support they need to move forward and to deal with the emotional stress and devastation that accompany any major health issues, such as those linked to cancer. One reason our offices have experienced an increase in cases is that there are now so many plaintiffs’ lawyers out there who use global settlements to feed their personal appetite for financial compensation. The other reason we feel that Zantac cases are so compelling is that they provide strong compensation for people who truly suffered personal injuries at the hands of the tobacco industry.