How to Buy Diamond Jewelry Online

Shopping for diamond jewelry online can be an intimidating experience, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for. You want to know that you’re buying an authentic diamond and that it will arrive in pristine condition. After all, fine jewelry isn’t cheap. But thanks to modern technology, diamond retailers make the process safer than ever. Not only do they offer an extensive valuation report, but they can also schedule a free shopping consultation to ensure you’re getting the right piece.

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Before purchasing a piece of diamond jewelry, you’ll want to determine its condition. The four Cs of diamonds can affect the quality of the stone, so it’s important to know what they are. Generally, you want to find a diamond with a good cut. This means that it will be shiny and sparkly and will have a low-glow. In addition, you’ll want to pay close attention to any visible inclusions.

As mentioned, the price of diamond jewelry depends on its size. However, the price per carat doesn’t increase linearly with size. Instead, it jumps around a milestone carat weight, which can lead to higher prices for larger diamonds. This is why a 0.99-carat diamond may have a lower price per carat than a one-carat diamond. This information is available from the Rapaport Gemological Institute (GIA), which publishes a weekly list of prices for different weights, cuts, and clarity. This information is considered the de facto retail price baseline for various styles and types of diamond jewelries.

The next step in buying diamond jewelry is to understand how the grade of the stone matters. The higher the color grade, the more expensive the diamond will be. For instance, a higher color grade means a more rare and valuable stone. The diamond in a VVS is near-colorless and has little or no visible inclusions. This type is usually white or pink in color. Similarly, a VVS-II diamond is slightly yellow in color and is more expensive than a SI-I.

As with any gemstone, a diamond’s color affects its price. A diamond with a definite color will command a higher price. Similarly, a colored stone will have a lower value. The price difference between two stones is not as important as it seems. While it’s impossible to distinguish a white diamond from a colored one, the two types will be similar in size and quality. It’s possible to get a cheaper stone with a lower-quality ring in a cheaper carat weight.

If you’re looking for diamond jewelry, you can’t go wrong by visiting the Manhattan Diamond District. It is the largest shopping district for diamonds in the world, and over ninety percent of diamonds entering the U.S. pass through this neighborhood. The area is filled with thousands of independent jewelers, so finding the right diamond can be a challenging process. If you’re looking for a quality piece of jewelry, though, it’s worth the money.