How to clean and maintain your swimsuit

Although the swimsuit is used only when swimming, it still requires special care that is right and correct. Some swimsuits like color changing swim trunks or color changing bathing suits use different materials so they require special care. Did you know, if you wash your swimsuit too often can actually make your swimsuit stretchy or change color quickly?

There are several appropriate ways to care for your swimsuit:

1. Don’t use perfume

Before using a swimsuit, first cleanse your body from perfume. Perfume has a chemical content that can damage your favorite swimsuit.

2. Wash your bathing suit after every wear

If a bathing suit that has been used is left for too long, a mixture of sweat and sunscreen sticking to your swimsuit can cause the swimsuit to wear out quickly.

3. Rinse using clean cold water

4. Wash under tap water

Wash your bathing suit under running tap water. This method is enough to remove dust, sweat, and residual chlorine. When washing does not need to be brushed. If you really don’t have time to wash your bathing suit by hand, you can still use the washing machine. However, before putting it in the washing machine, put a bathing suit in a special bag for washing. Then choose a gentle washing machine setting, so that the washing machine is not too fast and makes the swimsuit stretchy.

5. Use liquid detergent

In washing bathing suits, you should use a detergent that is soft or liquid. You can also use baby shampoo. First turn your swimsuit back in, then pour a tablespoon of detergent into a small bucket of clean water. Enough to just soak it slowly until the dirt that clings to disappear.

6. No need to use fabric softener, deodorizer or bleach
In washing bathing suits, you don’t need to use fabric softener, deodorizer or bleach because softeners and bleach will reduce elasticity and damage the color of the fabric. Spandex swimsuits don’t require fabric softener, deodorizer or bleach, because with it all, your swimsuit will be easily damaged, and fade in color.

color changing bathing suit

7. Don’t Squeeze a Swimsuit

When you dry your bathing suit, wrap your bathing suit with a small towel and then press to remove the remaining water. No need to shake or squeeze. If you wash your bathing suit with a washing machine, do not use a dryer. Just use a towel and press it.

8. Do not dry swimsuit under direct sunlight
Drying a bathing suit under direct sunlight can fade the color of the shirt and break down the fine fibers in your swimsuit.

9. Avoid hanging swimsuit when you want to dry
When you want to dry it in the sun, just put your swimsuit on a flat surface. Do not hang using a hanger. By simply putting your swimsuit on a flat surface, your swimsuit will not turn into stretchy.

10. Don’t iron your swimsuit

Don’t iron your swimsuit because the heat generated from the iron can make your swimsuit change in shape and color fade.

11. Fold the swimsuit and store it neatly in the closet

After your swimsuit is washed and dried, you can immediately fold it then store it neatly in the closet.