Invention of Camera

Inventing the camera is considered to be an individual or a group of individuals who have created new ways in the field of photography. This is because the invention of the camera has resulted in many things that have changed the way photographers work. Photography as a subject has always occupied a lot of one’s time and energy and so many photographers are known to use the invention of the camera to get the best photographs. The invention of the camera has actually enabled photographers to capture photos of events that would not have been possible without the invention of the camera.


Some of the most famous photographs taken using the camera include those taken by Robert Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and John Lennon. With the help of the invention of the camera, photographers are able to give more exposure to their subjects and thereby improving their chances of getting more photograph sessions done in a day. Photojournalists are also a field where the invention of the camera has made significant contributions. They use their camera to take still photographs and motion pictures and then narrate each scene using descriptive words to make the story exciting for their viewers. There are some photojournalists who even insert still photos with the narrative to make the photographs more interesting.

Daguerre was the first camera that was invented and patented by Louis Daguerre during the year 1847. Louis Daguerre was a French artist and he had joined a research institute for his research into optics and photography. One day while he was looking through his microscope, he saw a lump that was protruding from the glass of a bottle. This lump was later identified as a diode that was excited by electricity and this discovery paved the way for the invention of the first camera.