New Inventions Every Day

“Four new inventions”: this is the Chinese Ministry of Industry’s latest slogan. However, this is not really new inventions at all. Four new innovations (Chinese: ; Pinyin: X n s t), is a long propagandized slogan by the Chinese government, named after the Four Great Inventions of ancient China. In fact, this can be seen as yet another example of the Chinese authorities using “made up facts” in support of its own policies and reforms.

First, let’s talk about clean water. The phrase “four new inventions” could be interpreted as “renewable energy”, “water”, “new devices for improving water efficiency” and “sustainable buildings”. This is nonsense, of course. No one is going to be building new buildings or improving sustainable energy with dirty water. But, the government can promote these things through educational means and through subsidies – such as in the case of clean water.

Second, let us take a look at the car. The Chinese boast about their new inventions there too: the car is no longer just an engine, but a computer (which do not even require fuel); the car is very fuel efficient, thanks to fuel-efficient engines, and it also reduces air pollution and carbon monoxide poisoning. But what about the steam carriages? These “steam cars” are being promoted as an alternative mode of transportation, with no emissions and no exhaust smoke, smog, or exhaust fumes. Now, although this technology has existed in Europe for some time, it still seems like a new innovation, especially seeing as how China is trying to catch up and head start the technological race with the rest of the world.

Next, let’s take a look at the e-commerce industry and how it is affected by the new inventions. There is already a lot of competition among Chinese players in the market, and a high-speed rail network would only heighten the competition. In fact, there have been studies that suggest that the high-speed rail expansion plan will stimulate economic growth up to the level of the United States – that’s pretty impressive, if you think about it. Plus, there is another innovation taking place in China right now: virtual shopping.

Last, let’s take a look at one of the most exciting new inventions of our time: the Chinese swimsuit. One day, the Chinese might actually be able to swim underwater, thanks to some new inventions in their underwater research and development department. It’s bound to be a favorite with swimmers and divers.

If we haven’t noticed, these new inventions and innovations are taking over the US and they are starting to make waves internationally. Some of us may be biased, but if there’s one thing that makes US consumers unique, it’s our obsession with gadgets. The more we use them, the more we want more, and the more we spend. That explains why we love to hear about these unique inventions every day, from Google’s Project Glass to Nike’s Air Force II to Sony’s Walkman and Play Station games.