Chakra Healing, A New Perspective on Chakra Balancing by Julia Bettison

Chakra Healing is a new paradigm for the Kundalini Yoga practitioner. “Chakra healing helps you understand it, embrace it, and actually heal it – deep, dark, watery waters,” said Julia. Unfortunately, not many books on chakra healing are geared towards beginners and most of them fall short in terms of content and structure. There’s very little to no information concerning the actual anatomy of a chakra. I would have liked to have seen more pages about the physiology of chakras.

However, the first two chapters are well done and provide a good general understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body and its chakras. The next three chapters are very helpful in providing an introduction to chakra healing and its relation to the greater whole philosophy. The last chapter provides insight and a summary of what has been discussed. Julia’s book makes a valid claim that through conscious breathing and meditation one can lower stress, release tension, balance the chakras and open oneself up for spiritual healing. This is a useful method of achieving spiritual healing and seems to be one of the few approaches that really work for healing in the western world.

Root Chakra Healing

For the purposes of this book, I won’t address all the aspects of chakra healing and yoga, but the book does make a good case for meditation as a key part of the healing process. I myself practice yoga and meditation and am very active in both practices. I also encourage people to meditate, especially those who suffer from chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc. It can significantly lower pain, improve sleep, increase energy levels, etc.