Bodyguard Training Courses

A close protection bodyguard or a security guard needs to be physically fit and mentally strong and have extensive knowledge in law enforcement or military discipline. They must possess the necessary experience to keep themselves and your property secure from each potential threat which could occur at any given time.

There are a lot of skills, tactics and strategies which a bodyguard should know about and should regularly practice to be able to carry out his duties and responsibilities with the utmost confidence. If you are hiring a bodyguard agency, make sure that they have highly trained officers who can provide the best bodyguard training for their clients. Some of the common bodyguard training courses include weapon training, tactical manipulation, surveillance and protection, and other self-defense tactics, hire close protection.

Another important skill that a close protection officer must possess is the ability to make split-second decisions on the spot. A close protection officer must be extremely observant and skilled enough to immediately act when there is a threat of danger and need to react to whatever it is. For example, if someone threatens you feel danger is near, your close protection officer must immediately react and take action such as pointing the gun at the attacker, getting to safety or calling the police for help.

The other skill a close protection bodyguard should possess is the ability to effectively plan for different scenarios. Bodyguards should learn how to effectively react during hostile situations such as hostile takes and hostile ambushes. They should also have an acute sense of sight and sound, which is crucial in preventing the capture and apprehension of suspects. To become a close protection agent, a bodyguard has to pass through rigorous training courses and be subjected to rigorous psychological and physical exercises so that he or she becomes well-trained and fully capable of handling any situation that may come his way.