The Executive Truck Driver Is More Than a Money-Making Broker

When it comes to the business world, security drivers are one of the lowest risk types of drivers. While technical driving experience is very important, it only scratches the surface of what a specialized, specialist security driver can offer. Let s begin by understanding why security truck drivers are in some of the lowest risk categories for commercial vehicle transportation. Then, let us look at some of the specific challenges of this occupation.

Although security truck drivers may have the most difficult job opportunities available, they are in fact in the least difficult of all trucking job opportunities. This is because the trucking industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries. In addition, there are numerous on-the-job training programs as well as a plethora of on-the-job specialists and experts that will always be available should an emergency arise. Because of these key factors, security truck drivers can expect relatively high levels of job opportunities for the right candidates.

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Another reason security drivers enjoy such high job placement is because the vast majority of companies with operations in the trucking sector use standardized forms of identification (cards or smart cards). This not only ensures that every driver is properly trained, but that every driver is familiar with the specific brand of ID that is required to be presented at each stop. Additionally, a security-trained driver would be expected to follow any and all recommendations from their direct supervisors. As such, the majority of companies that hire safety-trained drivers have extensive safety protection program rules and regulations.

There is also a perception among upper-level management that security drivers have a unique ability to get the job done quickly and accurately. Therefore, when an executive needs to come to the aid of a distressed motorist they often turn to a high-profile, highly experienced security-trained driver. This perception of a quick recovery and accuracy makes the addition of a driver with this type of skill set very appealing. Moreover, it is likely that these executives recognize the significant need that there is in such a specialized driver and feel confident that they are taking the best possible steps to ensure the driver has the best chance of performing the duties required.

Safety-certified drivers tend to perform much better at their jobs because they are used to the unique demands that the line of work places. Therefore, security drivers are often able to adapt very quickly to the new environment. Furthermore, a safety-trained driver would also have an inside track at knowing the proper protocol and the best routes to take during emergencies. In turn, the additional time that an executive would save could be utilized to address other pressing matters during their business trip. While most executives would view the addition of a driver as an unnecessary cost, those involved in the trucking industry realize that time is money.

Finally, there is the perception that security-trained drivers are safer on the road. This may not be true, depending upon the particular area being traveled in and whether or not a security-driving professional has taken any safety courses in the past. It should be noted that most states require trucking companies to retain a minimum number of licensed drivers on duty at all times. Additionally, the majority of states (at least 15) require trucking companies to retain a minimum of one security driver for each insured vehicle they carry to ensure the utmost safety at all times. While high-profile individuals may not typically consider acquiring additional training or driving skills in this area, the safety of all those who are potentially in the area can never be overstated. For the high-profile executive, adding a driver who has already been trained in the special needs that surround his profession may allow him to spend more time focusing on the important aspects of his job.