The History of the Ninja Stars

The ninja stars are the legendary six-shooters that were carried by shinobi warriors in feudal Japan. A shuriken (or short sword) is an ancient Japanese concealed weapon which was typically used as an invisible dagger or concealed metsubishi to sneakily deflect an attack. However, the ninja would often use these concealed weapons for more violent activities like using them against humans. The six-shooter is still considered to be one of the most effective weapons of the ninja because of its sheer speed and its surprise factor. These six knives had a great advantage over other weapons of the time and that is why they became so important to the ninja’s fighting style.

throwing stars

The ninja stars themselves were quite deadly throwing weapons with incredible velocity. They were mainly used to cause injuries to large numbers of enemy soldiers or enemy targets and were generally made from carbon steel and were wrapped in cloth around the handle. Because of their weight however, these were very difficult to wield by the general population which is why even with this great power they would normally use them only on occasions when it really counted. These tactical weapons can also be called concealed knives which are usually thrown in various directions to cause extensive damage.

The ninja stars would most typically be thrown in a single, straight line which is how they would be most commonly used in the battlefield situation. One of the most notable things about this type of weapon is the way the edges of the blade curve down to the point where the blade itself curves down toward the tip. This allows the blade to be able to pass through a number of obstacles which would normally slow down a martial artist’s weapon training. In order to throw the weapon you would hold it at its point and then quickly bend the handle upward. In order to create the desired curve of the blade the user would grip the handle tightly and then release it just as quickly as he or she pulled it.