The Survival Servers Minecraft Java Edition

What if you want to play a Minecraft survival game in the Minecraft Java Edition? If you’re like other players who use MineCraft Java Edition, it might be challenging to find the best servers for you and your peers. Here is where the survival minecraft servers list from us can help you. There are some Minecraft servers that focus on survival gameplay.

As we know, survival mode is not actually a new thing in the minecraft world. Although it is one of the most classic modes you can find in minecraft, there are still many people who are fond with the gameplay.

The survival mode in minecraft enforces you to collect resources, craft weapons and tools, build shelters, and survive the mobs. In terms of survival mode, only the strongest will survive.
Some survival minecraft servers are always dedicated to the survival mode fans. If you are using Minecraft Java Edition, you can have fun and enjoy your time by joining with one of the survival minecraft servers below.


Minecraft Java Edition comes with the greater fun because of the cross-platform it offers which can draw more diverse players in one community. Dotblock is one of the most popular servers you’d like to join with competitive survival modes. There are several sub-categories that you can enjoy here such as skyblock survival, normal survival, and other creative survival modes. Joining with the server is also easy. Read the rules first before proceeding.


it is also one of the top notch survival minecraft servers that you’d like to stick with. It has a good reputation and ratings amongst the minecraft players and experts. There are several game modes it offers such as Parkour, PvP, prison, etc. But more importantly, you can easily find the survival challenges here.
We added this to the list because it has a huge active user base. The server also hosts some contests and weekly events. Your survival journey won’t have to be boring anymore with these servers.

survival minecraft servers

Pixelmon Server

Pixelmon is a unique choice for survivalists. It comes with the option to allow the players to play with the Pokemon in Minecraft. On this server, you can play with over 800 pokemon in the game. One of the most popular modes the server offers is the survival mode. If you want to play the survival Minecraft with a pokemon twist, then this server is definitely for you. There are also other modes that you want to check here such as sky block, creative, and so on.


You can easily navigate the survival game mode in the MineVille. It is definitely one of the best survival minecraft servers because it comes with good policies, regulations, fantastic game modes, active users base, and stable server. The developers can really get creative from time to time so that they also add the other modes like ancient trials, marriages, races, and so on.
There are still many survival minecraft servers for Minecraft Java Edition on the net. But I only share four of them that I think to be the best and safest ones. For inquiries and questions, let us know in the comment box section below.