What is a chromedriver and how to install it

You know that Selenium is a tool that usually interacts with browsers to test your site applications. You can use selenium webdriver to open some URL on a browser and interact with website page elements like links, buttons, text boxes etc.

But Selenium cannot perform all of these jobs on its own. It needs some help from the browser side as well, to do all these jobs. So, in that sense, chrome driver is what helps selenium do these actions on Chrome browser. In more technical terms, ChromeDrier is a standalone server which applies WebDrivers wire protocol for Chrome.

Why pick Chromedriver?

  • Chrome has the biggest market share worldwide. So, it make sense to work on the browser which largely of the people are using.
  • how to install chromedriver on Amazon is a simple process
  • Selenium works excellent in Chrome than other browsers, mainly Firefox.

Installing Selenium and Chromedriver on Windows

Want to use Selenium to scrape with Chrome on Windows? Lets perform it!

We will need to install a lots of things:

  • Selenium, which permits you to manage browsers from Python.
  • ChromeDriver, which permits software to manage Chrome (like Selenium).

Installing ChromeDriver

STEP ONE: Downloading ChromeDriver

First, download the ChromeDriver from the link. It looks like a scam or like it was put together by a twelve year old, but I promise it is best and cool and perfect.

You will want chromedriver win32.zip, using this link you should download 2.40, but if you want something more recent just go the site page and download the best thing.

STEP TWO: Unzipping ChromeDriver

Extract the chromedriver zip file and it will provide you a file known as chromedriver.exe. this is the magic program.

STEP THREE: Moving ChromeDriver at right place

Now we need to move ChromeDriver somewhere that Selenium and Python will be capable to find. The simplest place to put it is in C:/windows. So move it there.

Installing Selenium

If you Google about Selenium, a lot of time you view things about “Selenium server” and other related things. You do not need that, you are not running a big complex of automated browser testing machines. You do not want that. ¬†We just need plain ol Selenium.

Installing Chrome

Oh, you also need to ensure you have Firefox or Chrome installed and it lives in one of the general places applications do.