What Options Do I Have For Alcohol Rehab?

Aftercare for alcohol addicts can vary from facility to facility, with each organization having its own protocols and expectations regarding aftercare of patients who have recovered from alcohol addiction. This is particularly true in the case of inpatient treatment programs, as people who are undergoing therapy sessions are still under the influence of the alcohol addiction while they remain in the facilities. It is therefore crucial that you find out the process of going through withdrawal in the program you are interested in. In most cases, you will be advised to go through detoxification, which may take several days, weeks, or months depending on the severity of your alcohol addiction.

Inpatient care may also involve outpatient care, where people can attend treatment facilities for alcohol treatment, but are not under the close watch of doctors and specialists. Some treatment centers offer this kind of inpatient care, and there are others that do not offer it at all. People in these cases may include young men and women who are trying to make a fresh start in their lives or recovering addicts, or those who simply cannot find the time or money to enter one of these facilities.

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The process of detoxing can range from mild to severe depending on the amount of alcohol to be eliminated, the intensity of the alcohol addiction, and the physical and mental health of the person. Detox can also mean being given medication that can help you to reduce withdrawal symptoms and aid in the process of clearing your mind and body of the drinking problem. In some cases, inpatient care may be required, where people stay in residential treatment facilities for a limited amount of time, either a week or month. In general, you should never judge a treatment center, even if it has received glowing reviews from prior clients, as every center has its own standards and requirements that you need to meet in order to ensure successful alcohol treatment.