Do You have the talent?

A few years ago, being an office employee was a proud profession. However, over time, these thoughts finally changed. The rapid development in this digital era is a profession that was previously unthinkable began to appear. Since the existence of social media, several professions have begun to emerge, especially those related to social media. Becoming an influencer is now one of the desirable and promising professions for social media lovers. It’s not just because you want to look elegant and cool, but the profession as a social media influencer also has a big impact on influencing his followers. Finally, after the influencer becomes popular and has many followers, he will get a high income.

Social Media like Instagram and YouTube have now become attractive media for people with good talent and visual tastes. Self-portrait by mixing and matching outfits with a series of hashtags, vlogging various interesting content, all of which are hobbies that eventually become promising livelihoods for Social Media / Influencers. How can the profession of influencers promise? How not, now many well-known brands are more interested and use social media influencer services that have followers of up to millions of people to market their products.

influencer talent agency

Not only actors/actresses who have agencies, but now there are influencer agencies that overshadow talented people who become influencers. There’s even an influencer talent agency that specifically looks for people who have the potential to become popular influencers. Several criteria are considered by influencer talent agencies in selecting their potential candidates. Here are some of the characteristics of someone who has the talent to be an influencer:

1. Number of followers

The general way to choose influencers is from the number of followers on social media. The more followers there are, the greater the chance that the person can become an influencer. But hold on, the agency will also ensure that the followers of that person are all genuine and not fictitious accounts. A person will not potentially become an influencer if he gets a lot of followers but from a fictitious account.

2. Account reputation

Before inviting the person into his agency, the talent scout will first check the background of the account owner. Does the account owner have a bad past? Does the account owner have a good rating by another account owner? An influencer’s reputation will certainly determine the level of influence in society. When choosing someone with bad behavior is certainly not a big job to get but a lot of haters.

3. Creative and innovative

Everyone can make captions and comment on their posts or others, but not everyone can make interesting captions or smart comments. Someone who is a talented influencer can not only make interesting photo posts but also can make a unique caption and make people want to continue to follow their posts. Talented influencers also will not carelessly comment or reply to comments carelessly. Surely he will choose words carefully and with consideration.
Those were some important criteria in determining one’s talent in becoming an influencer. Do you feel you have it?