Can You Make a Distracted Driving Claim?

Distracted driving is a dangerous road rage that can be very deadly. Driving distracted is a growing problem, especially since cell phones have become more widespread and used by drivers throughout the nation. If you have been in a car accident because of a distracted driving accident then you may have a claim for compensation against the other party. Let us take a look at some common forms of distracted driving and the claims they may make.

There are several types of accidents that can happen due to being distracted and one of them is a Knoxville auto accident lawyer. The first thing that any of us can do if we are involved in a vehicle accident is to pull over safely before the accident occurs. This is the best thing that we can do for our safety and the safety of the other driver. However, there are certain circumstances where we have to decide to stop at a red light or traffic light.

In many cases it is not just a car problem but it is a social media problem. It can involve your phone or any other electronic device. These things can be very distracting and when they happen they need to be addressed quickly so as not to cause any delays in the case proceedings. This is why many lawyers are now focusing their attention on these types of cases. Many people are now using their phones or social media devices in their cars. The Knoxville auto accident attorney has seen an increase in the number of cases related to cell phone use and social media.

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In many cases there are also claims that have to do with medical care. For instance, a person may hit a deer, but they call their friends to come and get them from the scene. While they wait their friends took off running with the deer in the car and once they got there they hit another car because they were not paying attention to the deer. Now their friends have been injured and their attorney will be looking for damages on their behalf. The same thing can happen in an automobile accident if one of the drivers takes off with a cell phone or anything else that can distract drivers.

There have been several cases that I have had in my practice where the injured person actually sent me text messages while the car was in the shop. Many times, personal injuries have occurred because of this type of distraction. In most instances, the victim’s compensation claim was not covered as their cell phone was the problem. It is important to always check who was driving at the time of the accident so you can make sure that your claims are filed properly and so that you receive the appropriate compensation.

Distracted driving cases are no longer limited to those that text and drive at the same time. New studies are showing that cell phone use is also a distraction that can lead to an accident and even death. So, even if you are not texting while driving now, wait until you get home and see what happens!