Hot tub removal is one of the most difficult jobs

Hot tub removal is one of the most difficult jobs in the green household. If you’re looking to buy a new hot tub to replace the old one which is now just a burden, prepare for some serious lifting – even the average new hot tub weighs several hundred pounds! Even with a fairly small team of companions, hot tub removal can be quite difficult. You’ll need the proper tools and a lot of patience if you want your new tub to fit into your newly remodeled home. Here are some things that you should keep in mind as you make your way through hot tub removal.

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Make sure that you have the right equipment – even if you’ve bought a used spa, you still need a pump to fill it up. If you’re using power tools, use those which are certified for hot tub use and that are also fully licensed by the State you live in. You may need to get a special permit from your local government so that you can remove the spa completely, including the pump. A professional hot tub removal service will be able to help you with these matters. In case you’re not comfortable with moving the spa or jacuzzi, you might want to call in a pro who will ensure that all goes well once you’re done removing it.

Dispose of dangerous waste properly – even if you’re disposing off the old hot tub you still have a few hazardous waste materials which you need to safely dispose of safely. There’s a possibility that some of these may be harmful to the environment and the ecosystem. If you decide to remove the spa or jacuzzi yourself, you might not have the knowledge to dispose of such materials in the right way. If in any doubt on how to dispose of any hazardous waste material, contact a professional hot tub removal service.