In homes where the mold problem is not visible, but is noticeable

Methods Used For Mold Removal

There are several methods of mold removal available for homeowners. For smaller infestations, like those found in domestic households, there are commercially available treatments that include sprays and wipes with chemicals and/or mold killers. For larger infestations and mold growth in rooms that cannot be treated with chemicals, it is necessary to use a mold removal solution and mold killing substances that are safe for household use. For mold removal from walls and ceilings, it is necessary to hire a professional mold remediation service.

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In homes where the mold problem is not visible, but is noticeable, simple cleaning may be enough to solve the problem. Simple solutions can consist of cleaning off the mold with a sponge and detergent, ridding the room of visible mold with bleach, or using mold killing substances that are safe for home use. A professional mold remediation service can advise on the best method of eliminating the mold problem. If a mold problem is found in a basement, it is advised to have the entire floor made completely dry before beginning any mold removal work. Any material that can hold water should be removed, such as wallpaper, padding, carpeting and even wooden shelves. If a basement is above ground, any water source should also be removed.

By removing these potential hiding places, and by making sure that there is no water or moisture in the crawl space or other dark and moist areas, a mold professional will be able to tell whether or not the removal process will be successful. In basements and other areas where there is not a lot of air flow, the use of a dehumidifier may be necessary to help keep the area dry and the moisture level down. Many mold remediation companies offer a complete mold removal service, which includes drywall removal and repair, mold removal and mold remediation.