A Few Things to Know About Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are the basic lights most commonly used for outdoor decoration during celebration of Christmas, particularly on display during the Christmas holiday season including Christmas and Advent. The tradition actually goes back at least to when Christmas trees had candles atop them, which also symbolized the fact that Christ was the light of the earth. Even back then, people were aware that the actual lighting of Christmas lights involved a real fire and people put out wood and candles to keep the entire house warm. In fact, the early Christmas carols were sung not only to keep everyone’s spirits high but also to give joy to the living. But even with this traditional background, Christmas lights have evolved over the years to become a much more decorative ornament than just plain lighted candles.

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When decorating outdoors, many people like to use Christmas lights and strings together to add sparkle to the evening and to make it look extra special. While some decorate their trees just for the decorations themselves, others like to use them to compose a particular poem or to line the path for Santa Claus during his yearly rounds. For both these purposes, it is important to know a few basics, as well as how to properly hang your strings of light and what type of Christmas lights are appropriate for this endeavor.

One thing to note first off is that it is generally better to hang Christmas lights from the rear of your home, as opposed to the front, to avoid too much of an impact on your yard. The reason for this is that when they are hung from the back, there will be less of a shock if they accidentally fall on your neighbor’s or kids’ heads. Also, Christmas trees with exposed branches should be avoided as well, as falling on these can prove to be a quite hazardous affair. Lastly, it is important to ensure that the strings of lights are completely windproof, and should be hung with the ends tied firmly, and not snagged by passing objects.