September’s Most Talked About Search Engine Optimization News

In this article, I will be discussing some of the SEO news that took place in September. There were many issues and discussions that took place in the world of SEO but one issue that really stood out at the end of the day was the recent news about Google’s new algorithms for ranking websites. A lot of people are confused about what exactly Google did with regard to their algorithm, but a major controversy has been created because a lot of marketers and business owners are wondering if their ranking is now in jeopardy since Google released these new rules. As I write about this in the headlines, I will also be discussing what some SEO experts had to say about the situation, so hopefully by the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding about what is taking place in the SEO world.

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In mid-September, Google changed how they display page names in the natural search results. Google has implemented new rules into their system, which according to some experts, makes SEO more difficult. However, that is not all that took place this past month. In fact, there was a lot of SEO news in September, as well as a number of ongoing trends that continue to influence ranking and optimization. As always, many resident online experts discussed all of this in a daily webinar as part of their ongoing series on the newest trends in search engine land.

One of the continuing topics that was touched upon during the webinar was the idea of using email newsletters to help promote search engine optimization strategies. Joost de Rooy, the founder of optimization expert WebProNews, has long advocated the use of email newsletters in promoting search engine optimization strategies. He said that email newsletters are still a powerful advertising method and that he has no problem recommending them to his clients. Many other experts have also stated that newsletters can be effective for SEO purposes, but that it is important to remember that not everyone will react favorably to the idea. So, newsletter experts weighed in to discuss whether or not it is worth the time to learn how to send out an email newsletter in order to improve a website’s search engine placement.