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The Walthers Cornerstone City Apartment Building is an apartment building that is perfect for adding extra depth to a downtown or large city design scene, between your main scenery and background architecture. This nine-story establishment features a traditional brick and stucco facade, with colorful hand-painted accents to simulate antique Art Nouveau style detailing. Its high-class design mixes modern luxury with classic elegance to create an atmosphere that is serene, luxurious, and contemporary. The City Apartment offers an inclusive community of residents who enjoy amenities such as a heated swimming pool and tennis courts, along with a gourmet restaurant with Chinese and Indian cuisines to make your stay comfortable and memorable. The spacious lobbies are designed to look like a New York City apartment and are decorated with contemporary art works. The elevators and escalators are also fashioned in the same style as these famous buildings.

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As it’s located near Manhattan’s business district, the Walthers Cornerstone City Apartment is perfect for both long-term leases as well as shorter term stays by renting out for short-term periods. There are many factors that contribute to making this neighbourhood a great choice. The building is conveniently situated, close to the Times Square, Broadway, the Metro North subway, and the Prospect Express train, all of which makes it accessible by many New Yorkers every day. Another advantage is its proximity to shopping, dining, and other recreational facilities. Managers of the property keep in mind the needs of their tenants and cater accordingly, offering each tenant with high-quality facilities and services.

The property has twenty-one fully furnished apartments, each with their own fully equipped kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. All tenants are highly regarded and assisted with concierge services in order to make sure that their needs are addressed promptly by their personal concierge. For a more pampering experience, private chauffeurs and drivers are provided for each tenant by the management company on a monthly basis. Tenants can choose from three different shared chauffeur services to ensure that their errands are made much easier.

The management offers a wide variety of amenities, such as, pools, jacuzzis, dog run, play grounds, beauty shop, and fitness center. They also provide two restaurants: One restaurant is located within the apartment, while the other one is located just outside of the building. Customers can dine at one of the restaurants or enjoy a night market at the Park Hyatt New York. For convenience, the brokers will gladly show prospective tenants the way. Tenants can easily find a parking space within walking distance of their apartments.

If one wishes to purchase a City Apartment in Brooklyn, they need not look far. An Apartment Association is always the best choice as they can help landlords with all of the necessary paperwork. Apartment managers and brokers also offer free consultation services so that interested individuals can determine if this is the right move for them. Furthermore, Apartment Managers and Brokers will assist with any zoning issues and other problems that may arise so that the future resident has a wonderful experience living in their new Brooklyn City Apartment.

The City Apartment in Brooklyn that one chooses should be the right size to meet their needs. A representative from the Apartment Association can discuss the options with the renter and help them to narrow down their choices. The broker will walk the prospective tenant through the application process, help them select a unit, and assist with all of the necessary paperwork. By choosing a City Apartment in New York City, the new tenant will be able to quickly and easily transition into their new home.