Tips For Installing a Metal Carport

Carports are commonly used to provide limited protection for automobiles, especially cars, against snow and rain. The basic construction of a carport usually consists of metal sheets or aluminum lids that are connected to each other by welding. A carport is often built without walls. Instead, the metal is covered in many layers, with the bottom layer usually made of just about pure aluminum. Unlike most buildings, a carport doesn’t usually have multiple walls, and typically only has one or two built-in walls.

Most people think of carports when they hear the word “concrete”. However, most metal carports are actually made from pre-fabricated steel units covered in a protective coating. Another option available is to purchase a concrete slab to install as a carport. A concrete slab is also covered in an aluminum biding before installation. If you are looking for a completely enclosed carport, you may also want to consider purchasing an industrial or rolling-tool metal carport.

A few tips to keep in mind when choosing a carport include selecting the correct anchor points, selecting the right anchor angle, and locating your anchor line to the correct location on the foundation of your house. Anchor points are the location where you will locate the top of the carport frame. With a concrete slab, this anchor point should be on the first few inches of the concrete slab. The correct anchor angle is somewhere around forty five degrees, but this depends on the shape of your carport. Finally, locating your anchor line to the proper location on your foundation is crucial, but not always an easy task. Many carport manufactures will provide you with the location of the anchor point, however it may still be necessary to hire an expert in local building.